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College Consulting Program

Our College Consulting helps guide you through the logistics of the college application process so that you can have more time to grow into your potential. We love engaging with our students through the application process in order to help them gain new insights into who they are.

June 11 - August 4

Summer 2022

SAT Preparation Course For Aug. 27th, Oct 1st, Nov 5th & Dec 3rd SAT Test


Individual Tutor
Total Classes: 2

Algebra 2 / Trig / MACH 5 / AP Calculus

Individual Tutoring/Flexible

Tutoring for Algebra 2, Triganometry, and MACH 5

Taught by: Justin Kim

AP Physics

6/13 - 8/5
Individual Tutoring/Flexible

Tutoring for AP Physics

Taught by: Justin Kim
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