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College Consulting

Grow as You Prepare for the Next Stage of Your Life

Our College Consulting helps guide you through the logistics of the college application process so that you can have more time to grow into your potential. We love engaging with our students through the application process in order to help them gain new insights into who they are.

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Our College Consulting

Academic Partnership

As our students apply for college, we make sure that they continue to have academic success in high school. We teach them how to study well for their classes, guide them through what to expect in the coming school year, and even give suggestions for extracurriculars that they will excel in.

College Collaboration

We know how overwhelming it is to choose which colleges to apply to and how much harder it seems to figure out how to apply to them. We use our years of experience in shaping application essays, figuring out school fit, and application guidance to remove those stresses from our students' lives. We offer advice for test taking, essay editing, and even financial aid guidance.

Personal Development

This program is built on helping our students develop as people. We view the application process as a unique opportunity for our students to reflect on their academic careers so far, and we use it as an opportunity to allow them to develop in their everyday lives.

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Our Methods

method-image-Getting to Know our Students

Getting to Know our Students

For our prospective students, we take the time to understand their strengths and weaknesses. We probe deep into how they learn, retain, and apply new information. We then develop a game plan for success.

method-image-A Winning Playbook

A Winning Playbook

At this phase, we present a game plan developed specifically for each student. Each game plan has been designed to improve student skill sets for test-taking, writing essays, college interviews, college applications, and more.

method-image-Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking

Every student is monitored closely to track their progress. Our program is designed to be agile and adaptive to student needs. Metrics are in place to measure what matters and build on learning milestones.

method-image-Trusted Partner

Trusted Partner

With over 20 years of success helping students achieve their dreams, we believe success is not just about a number. We believe success is building a growth mindset for students.

College Consulting Stories

“At Lee’s Review I not only raised my SAT scores by 500 points but also was accepted into my dream college, Rice University. Lee’s Review was and still remains my second testimonies. To say that the staff goes above and beyond is an understatement. I would have been lost throughout the college application process without the helpful advice and guidance from Lee’s Review. After college consulting, the staff still lends an extremely helpful hand to me. It is not a goodbye when a session ends, but rather until next time.”

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SAT ICollege Consulting

Isabella Osuna

Rice University

Our Packages

Freshman/ Sophomore Package

You receive Academic Partnership

  • 8 sessions/year of direct consultation
  • Class, Stress, and GPA Management
  • Discounted Courses
  • Testing and Extracurricular Advisement

College Collaboration (Starting Jr. Year)
  • Application Advice
  • Summer Success Plan
  • Essay Editing
  • Custom College List
  • Financial Aid Advice

Junior Package I

You receive everything from the Freshman/ Sophomore Package, starting in your first semester of Junior year.

Junior Package II

You receive everything from the Freshman/ Sophomore Package, starting in your second semester of Junior year.

Senior Package

This is our specialized package for Seniors wanting to only apply to California public schools. This program begins at the start of 2nd semester of Junior year. You receive everything from the Freshman/Sophomore package, tailored for the UC and CSU systems.

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