The SAT I Math course covers Algebra I and II, Geometry, and word problems. This class teaches key concepts and skills for areas including, but not limited to, functions, direct and inverse variations, exponents, absolute values, probability, rate and mixture problems.


The fundamental grammar course introduces basic parts of speech, major grammar rules and essay structure.

The intermediate grammar course reviews basic parts of speech and focuses on mastering grammar rules. It also expands upon essay structure while emphasizing various college level techniques.

The advanced grammar course expands on grammar rules and imparts sophisticated writing strategies, such as reducing clauses to phrases and writing in an active voice. Moreover, students will learn how to critique essays, which is a precursor to writing more critical, organized and clear essays.


The critical reasoning class focuses on critical thinking. This class is designed to enhance writing through the expanded knowledge of vocabulary. This class is also intended to improve the ability to comprehend complex reading material by sharpening logic and reasoning skills.