Mr. & Mrs. Honda (William & Katy Honda’s Parents)

“Lee’s Review has been part of our lives for the past three or four years. Our older daughter Katy started with SAT Prep and continued with College Consulting services. Our son William continued our relationship with Lee’s with SAT Prep and College Consulting service as well. Throughout this time at Lee’s we observed the great value and care that Mr. and Mrs. Lee and their staff provided to our children. Our kids received excellent preparation for their SAT exams and we all received excellent guidance during the college application and selection process. What is a very stressful process was made a lot of less stressful thanks to Lee’s Review. We are very grateful we found them and now consider Mr. & Mrs. Lee and their staff, family friends. Our kids were accepted at Stanford and USC in large part due to the preparation and guidance that was provided by Mr. & Mrs. Lee and their staff. Our family is forever grateful.”