Our Mission

OUR MISSIONAt Lee’s Review, our goal is to educate, assist, and inspire students so that they are prepared not only for their standardized tests but also for their high school courses. However, we place equal emphasis on personal growth and are committed to providing the highest quality of academic support so that our students can be in an environment that fosters a true appreciation of learning.

dividerOur History

While Lee’s Review has been helping students achieve their goals in school and on standardized tests for the past twenty years, Mr. Jong Lee (founder of Lee’s Review) has been a teacher and college counselor for even longer. He began his teaching career in 1990 when he began tutoring in school subjects and SAT courses to individual students. Seven years later, he opened Lee’s Review in order to provide more space and services to his growing student body. Since then, Mr. Lee has been carefully selecting instructors of the highest caliber to join him in providing education of the highest quality. He ensures that these instructors are not only graduates of top-ranked colleges and universities, but also genuinely caring individuals who connect well with students of all levels.


Our Difference

The defining feature of Lee’s Review is our commitment to helping students unlock their full potentials in all aspects of their lives. We ensure that no students are left behind as long they put in the necessary work, and are dedicated to bonding with the students on a personal level so we can assist them as best as possible.

Why Lee’s Review?

  • We have a selective interview process where we evaluate every student for genuine commitment.
  • Our instructors are hired not only for their credentials, but also for their abilities to connect to students.
  • We schedule our classes at times that are convenient for our students.
  • Our students are encouraged to take full advantage of our center’s extensive services and resources.
  • We have a very low turnover rate in students and staff due to our positive and encouraging environment.


We specialize in

  • screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-4-30-21-pmSAT I: Math, Reading, Writing & Language, Essay
  • SAT II: Biology, Chemistry, Literature, Math IIC
  • ACT: Math, Reading, English, Science, Essay
  • School Subjects: Biology (AP, Honors, Regular), Chemistry (AP, Honors, Regular), AP Calculus (AB, BC), MACH 5, Trigonometry/Math Analysis, Algebra II (Honors, Regular)
  • Other Courses: Book Club (Reading Comprehension), Grammar, Writing
  • College Consulting


Our Students

Our students are constantly immersed in a supportive community that inspires them to be passionate and purposeful in all areas of life. We encourage them to take pride in their studies and do our best to cultivate them into responsible, disciplined adults.

In order to benefit from and contribute to our learning-conducive atmosphere, students at Lee’s Review are expected to uphold certain standards. While we do not exclude students based on their test scores or grades, we do require that they genuinely commit to working diligently in and out of the classroom.


Our Instructors

Lee’s Review selects only highly qualified instructors from top-ranked colleges and universities. Selection is based on their extensive experience, expansive knowledge, and sincere passion for educating students. All of our instructors are carefully evaluated to ensure that they are willing to go the distance to help students reach their highest potential not only in school, but also in their respective futures.

Mr. Lee 

mrleeMr. Lee is the founder and director of Lee’s Review. He is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine and holds degrees in Biological Sciences (B.S.) and Chemistry (B.S). Since the beginning of his teaching career, Mr. Lee has coached over 1,000 students who achieved perfect scores on the SAT II Math IIC exam and over 500 students who achieved perfect scores on the SAT I Math section. He is an active member of the Western Association for College Admission Counseling (WACAC) and the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA). Also a former Academic Advisor at the University of California, Irvine, Mr. Lee has counseled thousands of students to academic and personal success.

“I coach my students to be successful not only in school but also in life. While part of my job is to teach academics and improve the students’ thinking and reasoning skills, I believe my most important role is to build honest character and diligent work ethic.”