Mr. & Mrs. Honda (William & Katy Honda’s Parents)

“Lee’s Review has been part of our lives for the past three or four years. Our older daughter Katy started with SAT Prep and continued with College Consulting services. Our son William continued our relationship with Lee’s with SAT Prep and College Consulting service as well. Throughout this time at Lee’s we observed the great value and care that Mr. and Mrs. Lee and their staff provided to our children. Our kids received excellent preparation for their SAT exams and we all received excellent guidance during the college application and selection process. What is a very stressful process was made a lot of less stressful thanks to Lee’s Review. We are very grateful we found them and now consider Mr. & Mrs. Lee and their staff, family friends. Our kids were accepted at Stanford and USC in large part due to the preparation and guidance that was provided by Mr. & Mrs. Lee and their staff. Our family is forever grateful.”

Kevin Lee – University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

“Through their SAT Winter Boot camp, I improved my SAT score by almost 800 points! I was a College Consulting student the summer of 2015 through the end of second semester. I am the first in my family to go to college. The entire college applying process had always been a scary black hole that I had no idea where to begin. They worked with me weekly and showed me all of their know-hows and wisdom of the college admission process ranging from essay writing (personal statement and individual supplements), application building, college choice based upon major, and literally anything else a student can or will need throughout their application process. I recommended my 14 year old sister to be involved with the Lee’s Review at a early stage of high school to ensure her successes in her pursue of her dream college. I say with a full heart that if it was not for them there would have been no way I could have grown into the man I am today with the success that I had accomplished. I admire them and all that they stand for- the success of each student’s in and out of classroom settings and the readiness for the brightest future each student can grasp.”

Tiffany Chiang – University of California, Davis

“At Lee’s Review, I felt the staff were my second family, and still continue to be. I struggled with my SATs and my college application, but they guided me through the whole process. They also helped me through my lowest points of my life and support me to achieve my goals. They truly give the attention and care students need to succeed. I am so glad they have been apart my life because without them, I would not be where I am today.”

Isabella Osuna – Rice University

“At Lee’s Review I not only raised my SAT scores by 500 points but also was accepted into my dream college, Rice University. Lee’s Review was and still remains my second home. To say that the staff goes above and beyond is an understatement. I would have been lost throughout the college application process without the helpful advice and guidance from Lee’s Review. After college consulting, the staff still lends an extremely helpful hand to me. It is not a goodbye when a session ends, but rather until next time.”

Nathan Yee – Eisenhower High School (Yakima, WA)

“Being an Ivy League hopeful, I knew that I had to do some serious preparation for the SATs – I actually live in Washington state, but I heard about Lee’s Review through a friend. I really think that Lee’s Review is something special. It has a truly dedicated staff that’s hard to come by… and a solid program that most definitely produces results, given that you’re willing to work for those results.”

Mrs. DeCambra (Kali DeCambra’s parent)

“As a parent of children who attended Lee’s Review, I can personally say that I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else with the guidance and instruction of my children. Lee’s Review is so much more than a learning center, it is a place where kids can grow in confidence and in character. As a teacher, I know that students leave not only being prepared to take the SAT, but also with a legitimate understanding of the material. The staff manages to do all of this while still making the classes as engaging as possible with games, jokes/stories, and just a genuine compassion for each and every one of their students.”

Kali DeCambra – USC

“Lee’s Review will always mean so much more to me than where I practiced the SAT. It is a place of love, encouragement, laughter, and family. They gave me a confidence I had never before had in my studies and newfound passion to pursue what made me happy. With the guidance of Lee’s Review, I had no regrets after turning in my college applications because I truly felt that they were the best of reflection of who I was and what I was hoping to achieve in college. I was constantly aware that all of the members of the Lee’s Review staff really cared about who I was a person, not just my score on a test.”

Emily Leung – University of California, Irvine

“The entire staff at Lee’s Review truly cares about more than just your academic success. I was not only provided with thorough guidance through numerous college essays and interviews but also a valuable support system that surpassed the college application process. I truly feel that I am at the right college for me, and I am beyond grateful to have had the guidance and support of the Lee’s Review staff to guide me along the way.”

Nicole Chen – University of California, Berkeley (Regents’ & Chancellor’s Scholar)

“The Lee’s Review family did so much more for me than simply being my college consultants. Their energy, positivity, and affection heavily influenced the way I looked at like. It was never just about getting good grade anymore, but developing myself as a person and learning to fulfill my own curiosity. Their positive impact on me has aspired me to make a difference in society and make this world a better place as a software engineer. I will always contribute a huge part of my success to the Lee’s Review family.”

Betty Kim – Dartmouth College

“I’ve attended Lee’s Review for writing, SAT I, and College Consulting, and in every class the teachers not only made sure I understood everything I needed to succeed as a student, but also supported me as a person learning to navigate the real world. I owe both my academy accomplishments and positive outlook on education to my Lee’s Review family.”

Rochelle Sun – University of Rochester

“Beyond just the essay review and application management that is what constitutes the black and white of the college application process, Lee’s Review provided valuable guidance and a supportive environment to help me develop into a more well-rounded and successful student — both in high school and in college. The encouragement and genuine care that each of the members of the Lee’s Review family give to all of their students is truly inspiring, and I would not be where I am today without their support.”

Kimberly Kang – University of California, Berkeley

“Lee’s review put me in the right mindset and focus before heading to college and that made such a difference in how I approached my classes and my friends. They are not only awesome college counselors, they are awesome people.”

Gregory Gunadi – University of California, Berkeley

“I first came to Lee’s Review for their renowned SAT program to boost my score. While it did improve my numbers, it also provided me with something I did not expect: a dedicated group of mentors that not only complete their job, but go above and beyond by creating a community where students want to learn. Through Lee’s Review, I’ve been able to not only get into a good college, but excel at the college I am at. The staff at Lee’s Review doesn’t just teach students, but cares about them. I loved going to Lee’s Review not only because of the great learning experiences, but because of the great people in the organization.”

Shani Chen – USC

“Lee’s Review is much more than a SAT center. The instructors are passionate about what they teach and truly care for their student’s understanding of materials instead of just their scores. Mr. Lee, Mrs. Lee, and the staff have made this education center feel like a second home.”

Julia Chen – Rice University

“I truly feel blessed to have had the Lee’s Review staff help guide me through not only the SAT and ACT test, but also the college application process. I always felt comfortable at Lee’s Review exploring who I was and who I hoped to become with the incredibly nurturing and encouraging staff by my side. Mr. Lee, as well as the rest of the staff, provides genuine interest, support, and guidance for whatever you dream of pursuing. Anyone who decides to join the Lee’s Review family will not regret it and will definitely grow from the experience.”

Caleb Lim – US Military Academy at West Point

“Growing up in a relatively academically rigorous region, I’ve had many help from different institutions. However, the care and exhaustive work demonstrated by the faculty of Lee’s review by far surpasses those I’ve seen at any other institution. Through the guidance of Lee’s staff, I was able to set up the right path for academic and extracurricular successes and get accepted into my dream school in minimal time. Even on the other side of the country, I’m able to apply what I’ve learned throughout my 5 years experience with Lee’s Review.”

Michelle Wong – California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

“The high school journey in preparation for college isn’t easy, but Lee’s Review is there for you every step of the way. The Lee’s Review center doesn’t just have staff, but mentors who are extremely passionate and dedicated to helping you your best not only in high school, but in your years after that. Lee’s Review provided me with a positive and supportive learning environment that can’t be beat.”

Nathan Shin – University of California, Berkeley

“Lee’s Review was one of the most prominent parts of my high school career. I had the privilege of attending the learning center for four years and enjoyed each and every class. I was fortunate enough to be taught by the skilled staff that makes Lee’s Review so unique among other tutoring centers. I owe my work ethic and development to the caring, compassionate, and charismatic tutors who advocate a complete life, one that conjoins hard work with rest and relaxation. I am able to maintain a positive outlook on life because of the supportive people at Lee’s Review, including but not limited to my peers. Going to Lee’s Review was the ‘least’ difficult decision I have ever made.”

Alvin Ma – University of California, Berkeley

“Only at Lee’s Review have I been able to meet a group of people who were so supportive, so helpful, so intent on making sure that their students succeed. Being a part of the Lee’s Review family has not only been a tremendous experience but it has helped me grow into a more focused and determined individual for college.”