Cherub Kim – University of California, Berkeley

“The extraordinary instruction of the teachers combined with a positive, achievement oriented atmosphere at Lee’s Review has been an invaluable asset in my success both on the SAT (2350) and at Troy High School (valedictorian).”

Claudine Cho – Harvard University

“Through the warmth and honest care of Lee’s Review, I saw myself not only developing into a more focused and balanced student, but also into a more generous and loving person. It was never about the X, Y, and Z’s for getting into college, but always about pursuing my personal ideals of happiness. Simply put, I owe ALL my success and growth as a person to my family at Lee’s Review.”

Lindsey Whang – Cornell University

“Lee’s Review provides a personal environment that is unique for such a strong and rigorous program. Even after I stopped attending Lee’s, I felt help was available anytime I needed it.”

Christine Choi – University of California, Los Angeles

“Lee’s Review has had a tremendous impact on the person I have become. The most important aspect of the center is that the entire staff truly cares for the welfare of its students.”

Jackie Shin – University of the Pacific

“Lee’s Review is not only a place to develop the skills needed to be successful on the SAT. The level of commitment that all the staff has toward ensuring each and every student’s success is outstanding and always has me coming back every chance I can get.”

Steve Kim – University of California, Berkeley

“Having attended many study programs throughout my academic career, I can say that Lee’s Review is the best. On my first day of class, I could immediately see that the quality of instruction here was on a higher level.”

Chris Nazaroff – Arizona State University

“The road to college can be scary and overwhelming. At Lee’s Review the staff is dedicated to helping you succeed. They will answer any questions you have about college and inform you on what you need to do. The very skilled instructors teach in a way that you can understand. Lee’s Review didn’t just help me on my SAT’s they helped me achieve my goal.”

Jennifer Kim – University of Pennsylvania

“Any student who learns at Lee’s Review is given the opportunity to gain knowledge about life beyond academics. There truly is no other institution like Lee’s Review because there are no other mentors like Mr. Lee and his staff.”

Diana Lim – Dartmouth College

“Lee’s Review is a center that not only teaches the score, but also teaches success. The teachers at the center show an unrivaled passion for all that they teach and for the success of their students beyond the walls of the center.”

John Pyun – University of California, Berkeley

“Lee’s Review teaches students to understand, and succeed on, the SAT. The staff demonstrates a genuine concern for their students and a strong dedication to helping students reach their full potential.”

Krysti Kim – Brown University

“Lee’s Review is more than a mere SAT center: it was my second home, and the teachers and students became part of my extended family. Being a part of the Lee’s Review family gave me much more than what I asked for–cracking the SAT’s! Learn, Laugh, and Love–my experience at Lee’s Review. “